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“Small Group Support
For Healthy, Vital Lives”

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Great NUTRITION is delicious!
Active MOVEMENT is liberating!
INNER HARMONY is key to self-control!
Restorative SLEEP is energizing!
COMMUNITY is encouraging and reaffirming!

Rediscover the joy of living!

The Healthy World Vitality Plan (HWVP) is your opportunity to learn the secrets to long-lasting, vibrant health, and to make them part of your life.  You don’t have to be a victim of chronic conditions that drain your energy and sentence you to a lifetime of pills, procedures, and early death.  You can discover the lifestyle practices that will make all the difference and become part of a mutually supportive network of friends to keep you on track.

Our members share!

About Healthy World Vitality Plan

What is it? 

This plan, sponsored by the all-volunteer nonprofit organization Healthy World Sedona, creates small groups that educate and support individuals so they can make and sustain the kind of lifestyle changes that will enable them to live their healthiest, most vital lives. HWVP will provide a coach for each group of 6-12 people, as well as information and assessment tools across the lifestyle realms of nutrition, exercise, stress management, restorative sleep, and optimal cognitive activity.  Group members can then determine the steps they need to take to prevent, improve, or even eliminate chronic conditions and restore health.   In addition to the initial 11-week Intensive, HWVP  provides  monthly live Lunch 'n Learn sessions with nationally known speakers, as well as cooking tips and demos.  Think of it like joining a book group—only in this case it’s a health group!

Why this plan? 

The clear and compelling scientific research shows that 80% or more of chronic diseases are preventable, and where they already exist, symptoms can be reduced or eliminated through specific lifestyle changes. Remarkably, the body begins to heal from these diseases within days of making those changes. But lifestyle change is where we often get stuck. This plan provides the information about why specific changes are important and how to successfully make these changes. It also creates a support network to help sustain the changes.

How are the groups formed? 

You can join a group in either of two ways:

  1. Enroll in one of the posted 11-week "Group Intensive" sessions.
  2. Enroll a pre-formed supportive group of 6-12 friends, family, or co-workers, and HWVP will provide a coach for your group. 

In either case, coaches trained by HWVP will lead all of the initial eleven weekly sessions. The expectation is that group members will soon support each other in their new journey toward health. HWVP will continue to provide support through Lunch 'n Learn sessions throughout subsequent months and years. Your group will meet virtually, through Zoom,  so even though the plan  organizers  are centered in Northern Arizona, your group members can actually live anywhere in the world.  An in-person group with your own friends or family is also an option in many locations.   If you want to form a local group, contact us and we'll work with you to make this happen.

How often will my group meet? 

Your group will initially meet weekly for 90 minutes. After the initial eleven weeks, your group may decide to continue to meet regularly, or simply transition to the optional Lunch 'n Learn sessions which will include both current and past participants.

What are the benefits? 

Everyone wants better health, and most people are aware of at least some of the lifestyle behaviors that will lead to better health. Yet many people have made the decision to adopt these behaviors multiple times, only to fall back into old, destructive habits. The support and accountability that comes with belonging to a group of others committed to a shared purpose of health improvement is your most powerful tool to sustain the changes you desire to make. Combining this support with trustworthy information and how-to tips will set you and the other members of your group up for long-term, sustainable success.

What does it cost? 

The all-inclusive annual membership fee is only $40! That includes the spring and fall 11-Week Intensive sessions, as well as frequent Lunch 'n Learn and Masterclass events with guest presenters. There are no additional costs. (Let us know if the fee is an issue. We don't want to turn anyone away because of cost.)

What can I expect during my Vitality Group meeting? 

Led by a trained coach, your Vitality Group meeting will incorporate 90 minutes each week of learning, sharing, and enjoying the insights of the other people in the group. We will provide information to help you identify the actions you can take to become your healthiest, most vital self.  We will ask you to actively learn, and to share with others in the group what you have learned as well as progress you have made toward goals you have set. We will provide cooking demos to make it easy to learn to prepare the nutritious foods you need to thrive. And we will help and encourage each other along this journey to vibrant living. Your group will be comfortable, conversational, and caring—a home base for a healthy life.

If I’m currently being treated for a chronic condition, what can I expect? 

Many people are able to improve, and sometimes even eliminate chronic conditions with lifestyle change. We will ask you to work closely with your physician to monitor progress and adjust medications as appropriate.

When will it start? 

All HWVP members are eligible for free enrollment in a group each spring and fall session. Our next group intensives begin the week of September 8, 2024.

  • Sundays with coaches Jodi Lynn and Maria Walsh - 4 pm AZ time (4 pm PT, 5 pm MT, 6 pm CT, 7 pm ET)
  • Tuesdays with coach Hailey Hennessy - 10 am AZ time (10 am PT, 11 am MT, 12 pm CT, 1 pm ET)
  • Tuesdays with coach Yvonne Graff - 7 pm AZ time (7 pm PT, 8 pm MT, 9 pm CT, 10 pm ET)
  • Wednesdays with coach Janice Tapp - 1 pm AZ time (1 pm PT, 2 pm MT, 3 pm CT, 4 pm ET)
  • Wednesdays with coach Kelley Hale - 4 pm AZ time (4 pm PT, 5 pm MT, 6 pm CT, 7 pm ET)
  • Thursdays, bi-weekly, with coach Cindy Savage - 2 pm AZ time (2 pm PT, 3 pm MT, 4 pm CT, 5 pm ET)
  • Thursdays with coach Nancy Byerly Jones - 3 pm AZ time (3 pm PT, 4 pm MT, 5 pm CT, 6 pm ET)
With the exception of Cindy's bi-weekly group, all groups meet weekly in 90-minute sessions for eleven weeks.  There will be a special, pre-session orientation for participants new to the program.

Join HWVP now to register for the next session of intensives and to attend monthly Lunch 'n Learn sessions and other special topic workshops. You will also receive immediate access to the previous workshops and other resources available in our Member Portal.

Healthy World Vitality Plan coaches

Having received many hours of required specialized training, your Healthy World Vitality Plan coach will lead you and the other members of your group to identify a personal vision for vitality in your lives. Your coach will then encourage appropriate changes in behavior and thoughts (based upon peer-reviewed science) that will move each of you closer to your vision of “ideal self.” All the while, your coach will also help to create a compassionate group experience in which group members ultimately will learn to serve as peer coaches, supporting one another in the behavior changes they each choose to make. Our terrific coaches are all volunteer who are committed to sharing the benefits of a healthy, vibrant lifestyle with others.

See photos and bios of the HWVP coaches here.

Join HWVP!

We look forward to hearing from you!

The plan organizers, Healthy World Sedona

Healthy World Sedona (HWS) produced the Sedona VegFest and the Sedona Health and Nutrition Conference each January from 2017 through 2020. Don Fries and Bev Bow founded HWS as an all-volunteer 501(c)(3) nonprofit in 2016 for the purpose of educating and inspiring the public to adopt a whole food, plant-based lifestyle to promote human and environmental health, as well as animal welfare.  To learn more about the mission and many activities of HWS, please visit  And if you approve of our mission and are able to help support it, donations are very much appreciated and  always go entirely toward the HWS programs.

        Healthy World Sedona Co-Founders, Don Fries and Bev Bow

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